First Choice Maids serves the entire Santa Barbara area and surrounding communities from our Santa Barbara Operation Center.

In addition to Santa Barbara, we have other Operation Centers which provide maid services, carpet cleaning, and commercial janitorial cleaning services to other cities and surrounding areas..

If you would like to view our other service areas, please select a location from the menu below.

Our location map and areas we serve is rather flexible. If your location is outside the listed areas, please contact us, we may have several days per week where we're servicing other clients in the same location. If not, a small travel charge will be quoted for your location.

Other Areas

To view other areas we serve, please select an operation center below.

Santa Barbara Service Map

Serving Nearby Santa Barbara Cities, Towns, and Neighborhoods

  1. Alta Mesa
  2. Bel Air
  3. Camarillo
  4. Capitan
  5. Carpinteria
  6. Channel Islands
  7. Coast Village
  1. El Rio
  2. Faria
  3. Franciscan Village
  4. Gaviota
  5. Goleta
  6. Isla Vista
  7. Lento
  1. Lower State
  2. Meiners Oaks
  3. Mira Monte
  4. Mission Canyon
  5. Montecito
  6. Naples
  7. Oakview
  1. Ortonville
  2. Oxnard
  3. Oxnard Shores
  4. Port Hueneme
  5. Punta
  6. Rincon
  7. Santa Barbara
  1. Santa Paula
  2. Shepards
  3. Sierra Linda
  4. Spanish Hills
  5. Summerland
  6. Tajiguas
  7. Toro Canyon
  1. Ventura
  2. Waterfront
  3. Weldons
  4. West Mesa
  5. West Village
  6. Westside